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Vision & Mission


Our vision is an education that brings knowledge and values in our children through a curriculum that nourishes their talents and enables them to be lifelong learners & global citizens, possessing intellectual, aesthetic and humanitarian excellence.



Rajagiri Public School has a mission to achieve the highest academic standards by providing an environment that is optimal for learning and that is distinctively balanced to aid the shaping of a child’s complete development. We  will achieve this goal through a carefully designed curriculum based on our valuable experience in the field of education.


Our Core Values

At Rajagiri Public School, we stand for excellence in education. We believe in an education that equips our children with the skill sets essential to make them successful & responsible. We strive to achieve this by focusing on the following core values:


  • To cultivate a passion for learning by focussing on a developmentally appropriate education which promotes a learning that is centered around activities and application and includes learning from the environment.

  • To build competence and confidence by providing a balanced education which nurtures individual talents, stimulates creativity and augments the intellect with practical knowledge.

  • To support moral & ethical development by  advocating a positive attitude which enables empathy & acceptance of one’s fellow beings,  promotes responsibility towards one’s nature and upholds integrity even during adversities.

  • To instill hope for a brighter future by creating a harmony between intellectual, physical, emotional, social & spiritual development.

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