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Information to Parents

Dear Parent,

Greetings from Rajagiri Public School!!!

We are pleased to inform you regarding the online tutoring that the school is planning to launch for grade IX students exclusively. The pilot program will be conducted Tomorrow, Monday from 9 am. We have made it like a live interactive session as far as possible. The duration of each class will be 40 minutes, out of which last ten minutes could be for doubt clearance.                                                 

                                                 To get the expected outcome, we need your wholehearted support.

 Kindly note the following:

  1. Children must be sitting in the living room while the tutoring is in progress.

  2. Parents must support their children by providing conducive atmosphere at home.

  3. Parents have to monitor whether the children are participating in the process seriously.

  4. This is just a trial. Based on the feedback from all stake holders we will move towards next level with more advanced facilities.

  5. The schedule of subjects and timings will be intimated to students in the coming days.

  6. The online classes will be facilitated using two softwares/platform 

    • Zoom

    • Google classroom

  7. Students are requested to install zoom client in their Laptops/Desktops using the link below:

  8. For Smart Phones, ZOOM can be downloaded from Appstore or Playstore.

  9. Stable broadband connection or 4G mobile network is needed to take part in the class without any latency.

  10. If students are connecting from laptops/ desktops, Webcam and Earphones/Headsets are required.

  11. The mail id and password will be given for each student, from which they can connect to google classroom.

    • Link: (You will be automatically added to your class).

  12. The ID and password for joining the virtual class in zoom, quizzes and other course material will be uploaded on your classroom page in google classroom.

  13. Once the ID and password for the meeting is posted in your google classroom, open zoom and join the meeting with your actual name and start interacting with the teacher.

  14. The students are expected to stay in the classroom screen till the end of the session.

  15. The mail ID and password for the student will be sent today through the school portal.

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